Welcome to the Stress-free Writing Community

Welcome class,

This community blog is designed to showcase your writing and encourage you to reach into the reading community and share your creativity.

During the workshop I will share the password/login for this site. Afterward, each author can post at their leisure. Kindly, help other authors by sharing posts with friends. If you have not attended a workshop, but would like to join this writing community, please contact me through my website, after you have read Stress-Free Marketing.

I will not exclude anyone because they haven’t attended the workshops, but I do require them to read a copy of the book so they are familiar with proper etiquette.

Please note: Because someone could copy your work, I strongly discourage the posting of unpublished poems, stories, or excerpts through this site. Your work is special, do not “publish” on this blog. It is perfectly acceptable to post short excerpts from your published book. This is an excellent way to introduce readers to you.

The desire is to develop a blog which features a growing list of talent, similar to the blog featured here.

It is important to me that I keep up with your progress, please subscribe to my blog which is here. I have linked my blog with Stressfreescribes and will receive updates when someone posts.

Renea Winchester is a multiple award-winning author of the book In the Garden with Billy: Lessons About Life, Love & Tomatoes. She is currently working on In the Kitchen with Billy.


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