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Reviews Needed

Hello fellow scribes,

I’ve been watching your posts from afar and pleased with the success many of you are having. Marketing is time consuming, but I hope the tips and suggestions offered in Stress-free Marketing: Practical Advice for the Newly Published Author have made your path a bit less bumpy. For those who have attended my workshops or had individual consultations, thank you for making the first step toward publication, and more importantly marketing. I created this blog for workshop participants to build a community of bloggers who could cross-post and expand their readership. 

I still lead workshops for Stress-free Marketing: Practical Advice for the Newly Published Author, but am testing the waters with a radio station who wants to record three radio interviews and a teleconference.

This is where I need your help!

The radio station wants to grab a few reader comments, from Amazon and Barnes and Noble. I am uncertain if both online companies allow you to link a website address to your comment. If they do, leaving a comment at the link below would not only benefit me, but be a great way to increase traffic to your site. If url links aren’t allowed, you can always sign your comment, (Your name), author of…..

I understand that each of you are hard at work with your own individual marketing, but if you can take just a moment from your busy schedule to visit the link and leave a comment, I would be very grateful. I do hope that your copy of Stress-free Marketing:  Practical Advice for the Newly Published Author is dog-eared, peppered with sticky notes and most-of-all filled with enough valuable advice that you suggest it to your fellow authors.

Thank you for your time.



Author of Stress-free Marketing:  Practical Advice for the Newly Published Author 



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