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A Pebble Among the Diamonds

They say there are rivers in South Africa which are littered with diamonds and all you need to do is to pick them up. Whether or not that still holds true today can be testified by others, but this week I can testify that I was a pebble sitting among some of God’s diamonds without knowing it. I ate breakfast, lunch and dinner with award winning novelists and writers and had no clue I sat among such greatness.
Among the 350 plus conferees were diamonds in the rough waiting and wanting to be discovered. Yet there were others, polished by God’s hand and placed at the tip of His mighty pen to write words of inspiration and meditation. To write words which take us to places we’ve never been, and words which draw us closer to God.
These diamonds came in all shapes and colors, some young and vibrant, filled with ideas and ideals. And others well acquainted with life; with its ups and downs, blessings and burdens. To sit among them, as I did, was like sitting among the scribes of Israel; humble, determined, and patient, with one significant difference. Unlike the scribes who copied the Dead Sea Scrolls in Qumran, these scribes possessed the spark of creativity. They were people in whose hearts burned a message from God and found their voices to proclaim it.
Throughout this week I rubbed shoulders with like-minded people; people with aspirations and dreams, people with messages from God. Thus a process began; a process of shaping and reshaping this pebble. At some point in the process a shaft of sunlight burst through the clouds like a javelin and struck one of the newly formed facets. In that moment I discovered I was not a pebble after all.



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Workshops for Emerging authors by Renea Winchester

If you haven’t reserved a seat for one of the emerging author workshops I am teaching, please visit my blog and follow the links to a venue near you.

Workshop participants will receive a variety of helpful information such as: navigating social media, how to plan a book launch, the importance of a website, and three things every author needs. All this and much more.

Kindly follow my blog Here you will receive updates which may not be found in the book Stress-free Marketing: Practical Advice for the Newly Published Author.

Renea Winchester is the author of In the Garden with Billy: Lessons About Life, Love & Tomatoes and Stress-free Marketing: Practical Advice for the Newly Published Author. Currently, she is collaborating on a  book tentatively titled: The Ora Coleman Legacy, and is working on In the Kitchen with Billy: Tall Tales and Short Recipes from the Garden.  She will meet with your book club or writing group to discuss marketing techniques that really work. Contact her at

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Comment from The Inaugural Class

It was well worth the time and cost investment. I got more than my money’s worth. I have already started reading Renea’s book and implementing a renewed marketing strategy.

Thanks Yawn’s Bookstore and Renea,

Bryan M. Powell

New Life Publications

a source for exciting Faith-Based Mystery Fiction

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The Inaugural Class…

November 14, 2011 marked the start of a new venture. A class of writers who are committed to the craft of writing and sucessfully introducing their books to readers.

First, a big shout out to Nadine Yawn, who owns Yawn’s Books and More. When she learned about my  book she immediately scheduled a workshop, even before the book had been released. Miss Nadine is a smart businesswoman who is committed to supporting authors throughout Georgia. Thank you Nadine !

Big, BIG things are coming from this group. Just wait and see.

To those who came out in the dreary weather and attended the workshop, thank you so much. I hope you enjoyed the workshop as much as I did. Truly, I believe that when we collaborate together as a team, we achieve more. I won’t make many posts on this blog because I created it especially for you. This is my way of uniting writers who want to tell others the good news about their work.

Good news indeed. Tonight I met a talented group of authors. The best part is that each author has an individual style and genre which makes them unique and able to create their own niche. I see BIG things coming to this group. I can’t share any more details because good news should come from the author, not from me. Trust me when I say “Keep a watchful eye on this blog and remember their names.”

Because, they are coming very soon to a bookstore near you and I will be cheering from the audience. I am already so proud I could bust ! 

If you want to book me at a workshop near you, send me an email at Reneawrites(at) The remainder of 2011 is full. I am, however, scheduling workshops for 2012. Remember, you need to develop a marketing plan two months prior to the release of your book. Book me in advance of your release.

Renea Winchester is the author of Stress-free Marketing: Practical Advice for the Newly Published Author. Her first book titled: In the Garden with Billy: Lessons About Life, Love & Tomatoes, earned her a SIBA nomination and a Georgia Author of the Year nomination. She is an award winning author who believes in the value of community and relationships. Visit her at or her blog HERE.




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Welcome Class

Welcome class,

This community blog is designed to showcase your writing and encourage you to reach into the reading community and share your creativity.

During the workshop I will share the password/login for this site. Afterward, each author can post at their leisure. Kindly, share your posts with others by linking them to emails or your Facebook wall.

Please note: I strongly discourage the posting of unpublished work through this site. Your work is special, do not “publish” on this blog.

The desire is to develop a blog which features a growing list of talent, similiar to the blog featured here.

It is important to me that I keep up with your progress, please subscribe to my blog which is here.

Renea Winchester is a multiple award-winning author of the book In the Garden with Billy: Lessons About Life, Love & Tomatoes. She is currently working on In the Kitchen with Billy.

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