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Book Tours

I had a great time speaking at the Lost Mountain Baptist Church, Men’s Prayer Breakfast. I spoke on Deception in the Pulpit and talked about my current book Stranger in the Pulpit and it’s sequel, Stranger in the White House. In addition to selling some books and leaving some to be sold in their bookstore, I was able to get a lead for a future speaking engagment. If you know of anyone who would be interest in me speaking on a variety of topics, have them contact me.

I took Renea’s advice and joined a Book of the Month club. That was a trip! After they discussed the month’s book, the moderator asked me to talk about my book. The conversation deviated and ended up with me being asked to serve as an adjunct speaker at a local college. Then the conversation went from there to my musical interests, boy did that backfire. I not only opened a can of worms, I kicked it over and the worms went everywhere. Let me tell you about it the next time we meet together.


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