The Golf Ball

Good used golf ball

So there it sat—a golf ball.
I knew instinctively how it got there, and why.
Someone teed up, set up, reared back and swung, striking the ball and sending the round object skyward.
But instead of it ripping through the air toward its intended target, the feisty orb took an unexpected trajectory.
“D’rates, I hooked it,” said the exasperated golfer and teed up and swung again.
Meanwhile, the little round object went bounding along Windy Hill until it settled in its current resting place…the corner of Windy Hill and Reed Street.
So there I sat, at that intersection, staring at a perfectly good golf ball.
Being the avid golfer that I am, I had a decision to make. Get it, or forget it.
In a nanosecond, my mind and body performed a series of actions; I checked my mirror, jammed the car into park, released my seatbelt, leaped from my car, dashed across the road, and grabbed the golf ball. Looking to see how fast the approaching car was coming and calculating whether or not I’ll live to see another day, I jumped back into my car, slammed the door and sped around the corner, only later to reattach my seatbelt.
My question to you is; did you see me do it?
You might answer an emphatic, “No!” and you’re right, not unless you were passing that intersection at precisely 7:45a.m.
But I submit to you that you did.
You are probably asking, “How did I do that?”
The answer, by reading 25 letters arranged in different combinations, I took you on a journey of the imagination. In your mind’s eye, you saw me jump from my car and dash across the road, pick up the golf ball and dash back.
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