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A Bit of Fiction

Originally posted here, on Halloween. A few minor edits along the way, though the illustration that went along with it does still relate to the story. We had some wind in Savannah, and it reminded me of this story. So today felt like the sort of day to put this up.

On All Hallow’s Eve, A story of Rodille

by A. M. Bell

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The Bones of Boulder Creek

The Bones of Boulder Creek provides readers with a window in which to view  the lives of Nathan and Chris.  It is difficult to share what makes this book so special without revealing the secrets written inside. The story goes deeper than a friendship between two boys, it causes readers to analyse how they see people and what impact their own actions have on the lives of others.

Rarely does a book have the ability to capture readers of different ages, The Bones of Boulder Creek does just that.

The Bones of Boulder Creek is available in paperback and on Kindle by visiting this link.

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