Good things come to those who wait!

The good people at Tate Publishing said it would happen…but I doubted. Then the other day I checked and voila, there it was. Stranger in the Pulpit was actually listed on I ran, not walked, ran to the section for authors and registered. Now I am waiting for the process to be completed. Meanwhile, I stay busy.

I had a very sucessful speaking engagement at Lost Mountain Baptist Church’s Men’s Prayer Breakfast. I sold some books and left some on consignment. If you know of any churches or community groups looking for a speaker, have them contact me, I would be delighted to go and speak.

Tate has scheduled me for two booksignings in January and I got one on my own, PTL. 

My next book – Seeing Jesus, a Three Dimensional Look at Worship should be available mid-December, PTL.



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2 responses to “Good things come to those who wait!

  1. Dear Bryan, my name is Dicky, a new member of ACFW. I am working on my first draft of a romance novel. Nice meeting you.

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