Coming Soon…The Right Triangle

I am excited to announce my first novel, The Right Triangle, a fiction based on a true event, will be hot off the press for Valentine’s 2012!  A story of  love, loss and hope. Two Southern parents’ love for their daughter and the extent to which they would go to protect her and the future they had planned for her, a mother’s love for her son, a son’s love and reverence for her, young love, and much more.

The Right Triangle

Watch for The Right Triangle in your local book stores February 1st, 2012.

Check out my Facebook page for the launch date at Yawn’s Books and Publishing in Canton, Georgia and subsequent book signing events at neighborhood book  stores.

Martha Anne Hudson


Thanks so much for the great workshop! I learn from experience, not from studying, and I connected with you and your material. Your experience and knowledge is fantastic! I needed this information.


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  1. Surely a perfect piece of writing! We’ve book marked it and sent it out to all of my friends since I know they’ll be intrigued, thank you very much!

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